ARJUNA Group Trust launches YILI Contest across the nation as an effort to develop a stronger student community.

The objective of this contest is to aid students:

  • Make better choices in life

  • Learn Art of Concentration for better academic performance

  • Learn to balance Excellence & Ethics

  • Develop Spirit of Selfless Service

  • Grow as Young leaders for a strong nation

YILI Quiz Contest 2017-18

Want to excel in your studies? Want to develop leadership qualities? Want to have laser like focus? Want to learn to make right decisions? Participate in YILI Quiz Contest! You can’t afford to miss it.

Registrations: for the contest will begin from July 2017. Contest will be held during October and November 2017 both online and offline modes.
Participation: It is a unique contest. 2 students per team! You get to participate in the contest along with your close friend!
Syllabus: The contest is based on the book “Art of Concentration in the Age of Distractions”. 60% questions based on this book + 40% General Aptitude.
Prizes and Awards: Plenty! Cash prizes for top 3 teams, consolation prizes 10 teams. Also we have 3 Best Director  Awards (Institutions with maximum no. of participations), 3 Best Principal Awards (Schools with maximum no. of participants), five Best Well wisher awards (For team who have registered maximum number of their friends).

For each registration of team of 2 students we accept a donation of Rs.300/-. Each registrant will get a copy of book ART OF CONCENTRATION IN THE AGE OF DISTRACTIONS, for free ( worth Rs.150/-)

Youth is the future of any nation. A nation can shine with true glory only when its students are trained in principle centered leadership. Unfortunately today’s youth is on one hand subjected to countless distractions which degrade one’s humanness and on the other hand, there is not enough emphasis on value education in present academic curriculum. Thus value education to students is essential for academic success as well as ethical success.
There is a great need for our teenage students to learn the principles of wisdom to overcome myriad distractions which today’s age presents to them. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the World.
We believe that if the young Indians learn the valuable principles of Vedic wisdom, they can definitely develop as young leaders with the potential to lead India.
YILI thus is an effort in this direction.

Young India Lead India-2015 Chapter in Tirupati & Nellore

Similar effort of Young India Lead India contest  has been taken in 2015 in the cities of Tirupati and Nellore with name Concentration Enhancement Contest  . Students of Sri Chaitanya and Narayana from Tirupathi and Nellore participated in the contest. The contest was based upon the book ‘Art of Concentration in the Age of Distractions’ and Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of 11th standard. There was an overwhelming response from students to the first ever implemented schedule.

Young India Lead India-2016 Chapter in Chennai

ARJUNA took an initiative to conduct YILI contest in Chennai in 2016. Around 2000 students registered for the contest. The contest will be held in the months of February or May 2017 according to convenience of school schedules.
Around 2000 students of  11th class from both cities received Art of Concentration book and around 1000 students registered & Participated in the Contest. Here are some reviews

What people say

I have read through each page of the book Art of Concentration in the Age of Distractions. I feel this contest, based on this book, is very appropriate for the 8th to 12th standards and even for students. This will surely help them to focus better on their goals and achieve them
Mr. Samba Siva Rao, Dean, Narayana Institutes, Tirupathi
“Very Motivational! The book provides answers to the moral dilemmas that a student faces in a simple and inspiring way. A must read to avoid distraction in the current era of social networking!”
Maaz, YILI 2015-16 Topper
After reading this book I understood why I am getting distracted. I could find the root cause. Very helpful book and contest
Jaya Ganesan, Top 10 in YILI 2015 - 16