Let us visualize a ‘Tree of Life’. In a tree there is a trunk, there are fruits and there are roots. Similarly the success we get in life, our credentials, our achievements, our triumphs and our character can be compared to the fruits of the ‘Tree of Life’. But we don’t get the fruits without the roots! The root of the ‘Tree of Life’ are compared to the values which we choose to live by. Trunk is the support system of education and occupation. So do we need ‘Value education’? Indeed yes. Infact all education gives us values – either the good ones or the wrong ones. Example: You either become greedy or you strive to become selfless. The fruits will be bitter if we have roots of wrong values. The fruits in the ‘Tree of Life’ will be sweet and succulent if we have the right values. And why ‘Value Education for Teenagers’? Because youth is the most important phase of life where the roots can be developed by the right values. Young age is the prime time and the formative time to learn and practice the right values. Vedic India had therefore focused on giving the right values to the teenagers. Most youngsters will face troubles in life – for sure – if they have not learnt the right values. Most problems in life – be it poor concentration or academic stress or distractions or inconsistent behavior – are due to not practicing the right values. We, at ARJUNA Group, therefore adress these problems at the roots rather than merely adressing the symptoms. We have a variety of courses, wisdom articles, FAQ’s, inspirational messages, audios, videos, contests, etc for the teenagers to explore the ‘Values of Life’ and enjoy the fruits of success and satisfaction.

Parivartan Programs

The sanskrit word Parivartan means “Change for good”. Parivartan program is a ONE TIME seminar program given at an Institute. We cover a variety of titiles, each is most vital for students’ academic and ethical success.
Eg: Power of Habits, Art of Harnessing Mind Power, Overcoming Depression, Self Confidence, Will Power to Excel, etc.
These programs serve as one of the important means to learn the right ‘Values of Life’.
ARJUNA conducts programs for students in the groups ranging from 10 students to more than 1000 students. ARJUNA organizes mega parivartan programs twice a year, where we address over 1000 students. And at ARJUNA Homes (student hostel run by ARJUNA Group), we have Daily morning sessions, where we address a group of as less as 10.
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Arjuna Courses

ARJUNA members conduct course on the book ‘Art of Concentration in the Age of Distractions’ (This book is propreity of ARJUNA Group developed especially for teenage students). An 8 session course with interactive slide shows interspersed with audio-visuals is a great learning experience for the students. It broadens the minds of students and enables them to fight with the biggest disease in student life – Distraction.
This course is given for free to the students who enroll themselves in cities where ARJUNA members are conducting these courses.
Organizations to whom ARJUNA serves by giving the course to their students are inspired to donate generously for furthering our services.
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Young India Lead India Contest

 ARJUNA Group Trust launches YILI Contest across the nation as an effort to develop a stronger student community. The objective of this contest is to aid students to.

  • Make better choices in life

  • Learn Art of Concentration for better academic performance

  • Learn to balance Excellence & Ethics

  • Develop Spirit of Selfless Service

  • Grow as Young leaders for a strong nation

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Web Services

ARJUNA runs free web services. We send a daily Inspirational message. Your day can start on a positive note with inspiring messages. We also publish monthly ARJUNA articles. These articles are filled with wisdom and practical lessons. You can subscribe to them. We have many interesting audio clips under the name of ‘Voice of Inspiration’. You may hear and be motivated to travel on your path of success full speed. We have Wisdom articles on several topics on our website and we also FAQ section. If you wish to ask a question which is not addressed already you may do it by clicking here…