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An IDEAL Student

Student Life is the most important part of the life. If Life is compared to a Train, then youth or student life is compared to the Engine. Engine is not just ‘a’ part of Train but the most important part of the Train which drives the train towards its destination. Exactly in the same way whatever you learn (good or bad) will decide your success (or failure) in this life, your memories & fame at the end of your life and your destination after this life!
We can learn in any other part of the life too but we will have to also un-learn that which we learnt in the youth. That’s double the work. And most are never able to effectively un-learn.
Traditionally, in the Vedic India, therefore first 20 years of one’s life – 5 years to 25 years – were dedicated to learning. Learning was not just for livelihood but mostly for living meaningfully. Meaningful living is about Excellence & Ethics.
Excellence in one’s profession which one chooses according to one’s inclinations. And Ethics in one’s character which one frames according to Universal Vedic Values.
ARJUNA – the hero of the Epic Mahabharata – is one of the vivid examples of ‘Excellence’ and ‘Ethics’. He was excellent in his profession as a Kshatriya (administrator & military man) and the world knows about his heroism. He was ethical in his character and fought to establish dharma not for his own personal motivation.
You can become an ARJUNA too! We at ARJUNA Group Trust (an NGO) are at your service.

Today’s Youth Challenges

Today, especially in India, competition is very high. Students compete for a few seats of the top educational institutes and write tough exams, be it the IIT JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS, AIPMT, AFMC, CAT, GATE, etc. And then, later on, the college life is again filled with challenges. The pressure is overwhelming. Although the pressure and competition to study is building, unfortunately the modern age of techno-centric life adds to the challenges. The social media, television, movies, mobile devices, the digital world – to say it one word – ‘Instant Pleasure’, distracts them from their cherished goals. Digital distractions are becoming a growing concern for teachers, parents and the students.

Our Solution

So, your question will be, ‘How can I become like ARJUNA?’ to overcome all the challenges.
Without roots we can never get the fruits! Roots are the values which frame our character and fruits is the personality which we hold in the public. In the Vedic times the roots were nourished and thereby the person used to flourish.
Academics is very important. If you are preparing for JEE/AIPMT, ARJUNA members have listed some important tips in the ‘Competitive Exam’ section(link).More important than academics is to develop the ‘ability or attitude’ to learn and to have the right ‘purpose’ to learn. Today’s modern education pays little to no attention on the issue of attitude and purpose of education. In the Vedic India, there was a healthy balance between the academic education and the education about ‘attitude’ and ‘purpose’. ‘Attitude’ and ‘Purpose’ are the roots. Academic excellence is one of the fruits. We advise students to strike this balance. Don’t be attracted only to the fruits. Start growing the roots. And the fruits will naturally come to you. In other words develop right ‘attitude’ and ‘purpose’ and you will soon see yourself relishing the fruits of success. God’s grace shines on a person who has the right purpose.
ARJUNA provides all the students with world class material to deal with different challenges and to emerge victorious. Ranging from short inspiring messages to wisdom articles, to audio clips, to videos and PPT’s etc, in various attractive ways we present to you ARJUNA’s student care.

Arjuna’s Student Care