Project Description

Kota, Rajasthan

Kota, Rajasthan – is one of the biggest hubs for IIT JEE/ AIIMS preparation, where lakhs of students from all over India converge. The preparation is intense and the competition is fierce. Students study at reputed coaching centers known for their excellent track record of producing results. However it is seen that the majority of students face serious issues like stress, peer pressure, depression, which prompt them to get into various self-destructive habits, addictions, suicide attempts and sometimes even suicides. ARJUNA wanted to offer a helping hand here. Parivartan Seminars is an effort in this direction.

ARJUNA organized 9th Parivartan Program on 11th December 2016. The title of the talk was “Will Power to Excel – Do you have it in you?” Over 800 students attended the seminar.

Mr. Sreenivas Gupta, member of the group, IIT JEE AIR – 164, pursuing B.Tech Computer science at IIT Madras spoke on the importance of self-control and how excellence has to be wedded with ethics for real success.

The Chairman & Managing Director of IL Mr. M. P. Eshwar presided over the event as the Chief Guest. He enthralled the audience with a short yet powerful opening address. He spoke on the importance of having patience and reiterated the theme of self-control through videos.

The Guest speaker of the day was Mr. Amal M. Das, the Author of the
group’s first publication-Art of Concentration. He spoke on the essential principles that boost ones will power. 4 step formula to develop will power, he explained as

  1. Wisdom from Holy Books
  2. Scientific Faith in God
  3. Yoga for modern age – Meditation
  4. Association with right people

The seminar was filled with abundant stories, real life examples, inspiring quotes – both from the modern world as well as from the ancient Indian scriptures like Gita.

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