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Parents always want their children to be successful, indeed to be more successful than themselves. Success of children brings happiness to parents.
These day’s parents seem to have more worry about their child’s future than the students. Perhaps the concerned parents don’t want their children to make the same mistakes as themselves or to not face the same struggles as they did. The anxiety of parents is surely due to their love.
We, at ARJUNA group, have met several such parents who always have questions for the well-being of their children.
What is important is that while student’s needs guidance of teachers and parents, in our experience, most parents also need advice in their role. We share the challenges which the parents face and celebrate their child’s success.

Key to Wholesome Success

While there are a lot of books to tell students how to study, there are perhaps none on parenting a growing teenager. There is dearth of advice on blossoming a teenager into a successful student.
Teen-age brings forth challenges. And parents too have to handle the challenges of their teenage children.
Career is one such challenge. But not the only one. Among many others, a few are: arrogant behavior, confused responses, identity crisis, character issues, etc. Parents have to deal with these issues of their teenagers. And all of these issues do have an impact on academics also.
Parents have to face another issue – and this one is probably the most challenging – their own public image in the society. Parents usually derive their sense of worth through the academic success or failure of their children. If the child succeeds it’s the time of fame, otherwise parents are put to shame.
More often than not, parents put a lot of pressure on their children to somehow bring academic success. While it is not wrong to desire child’s academic excellence, but to not stress the other vital aspects of life, will put a child off-balance.
Wholesome success is to shine in several roles as a teenager. Your child should become a good student, but also a healthy & fit youth, a caring friend, a responsible citizen, an ethically strong person and a selfless human being.
Over-emphasis on academics can become detrimental to wholesome success of the child. We need to understand that academic success is not the worth of the child and nor should parents make it a social image issue. Different students are differently gifted and should be encouraged to bring out their best in different fields they are exposed to.
If properly encouraged (and not coerced) child can bring his best out. The key to successful parenting is therefore in helping the child to balance all the dimensions of life within an environment of love & care.

Role of an Ideal Parent

To be an ideal parent, one needs to be an ideal human being. Ideal humans are those who are balanced in different dimensions of life.
We see that there are several aspects which a parent should advise his child upon. Below is an image depicting the four dimensions of life, which need to be balanced.
Parents should themselves be balancing these four dimensions in their individual life and should advise their children in a similar way.
If the parents feel that academic success is enough they are greatly mistaken. Academic success is merely a minor factor in long lasting success and happiness of children. Moreover, academic success is a by-product not the primary result. If a student is encouraged to be balanced in specially Ethical or Spiritual dimension, naturally he becomes responsible in Career dimension. Spiritual dimension also gives the students a purpose in life and thus they receive inner motivation to excel academically.
Another important thing to remember is that students should be allowed to freely choose their line of career according to their own interests. Parent’s role is only to make them aware of the opportunities and challenges. Parents should NEVER make career choices for their children. Nor should the parents ever force their child to develop interest in what they feel is “socially acceptable” career line. A forceful parent, with no matter how many good intentions, will not be able to give emotional care to the child. With emotional needs unfulfilled, thereby Relationship dimension of life being un-balanced, the academic excellence of child will be put to jeopardy.
Health is also another neglected dimension. Often students tend to follow very unhealthy schedules, eat unhealthy diet and maintain poor personal hygiene. And quite often parents too, support the neglect of children. Again we are facing a lack of balance in our society. There is little awareness of how such neglect of health dimension in long run is very counterproductive.
ARJUNA, is dedicated towards bringing back this balance in the four dimensions of life, which was practiced in the lifestyle of Vedic Indians.

How ARJUNA can make a Difference?

We at ARJUNA are dedicated to serve the society. Any long lasting improvement is possible only if the young generation, the students are given balanced training. Parents play an important role in giving this training.
Thus, we at ARJUNA, serve the parents in making them aware of the principles of balancing life. We help the parents to play their role.
Parents can make available of the following services of ARJUNA:
These books have lot of wisdom which even parents need to be aware about. Only when parents know the Universal values can they give them to their children. Thus ARJUNA wisdom books, are although written specifically for students, they will also serve the parents in their role.
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If you are planning to send your student away from you to a coaching hub, you may want your child to stay in ARJUNA Home. At ARJUNA Home we provide an environment of love & care and we edify the students in the principles of Leadership.
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We also organize counseling sessions where we invite parents to discuss about the career of their students.
Very soon we are also going to start parenting programs to make the parents well aware about the principles required to grow a successful teenager.
We publish several wisdom articles on this website. You can subscribe to them.
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We have some audio material for you to hear and get inspired or to educate your child.
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