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So, your question will be, ‘How can I become like ARJUNA?’ to overcome all the challenges.
Without roots we can never get the fruits! Roots are the values which frame our character and fruits is the personality which we hold in the public. In the Vedic times the roots were nourished and thereby the person used to flourish.
Academics is very important. If you are preparing for JEE/AIPMT, ARJUNA members have listed some important tips in the ‘Competitive Exam’ section(link).More important than academics is to develop the ‘ability or attitude’ to learn and to have the right ‘purpose’ to learn. Today’s modern education pays little to no attention on the issue of attitude and purpose of education. In the Vedic India, there was a healthy balance between the academic education and the education about ‘attitude’ and ‘purpose’. ‘Attitude’ and ‘Purpose’ are the roots. Academic excellence is one of the fruits. We advise students to strike this balance. Don’t be attracted only to the fruits. Start growing the roots. And the fruits will naturally come to you. In other words develop right ‘attitude’ and ‘purpose’ and you will soon see yourself relishing the fruits of success. God’s grace shines on a person who has the right purpose.
ARJUNA provides all the students with world class material to deal with different challenges and to emerge victorious. Ranging from short inspiring messages to wisdom articles, to audio clips, to videos and PPT’s etc, in various attractive ways we present to you ARJUNA’s student care.
Undoubtedly today’s students face myriad challenges – both internal and external. Unfortunately very few are genuinely interested in the upliftment of student community. ARJUNA has been formed with the earnest desire to fill this gap. We offer time-tested solutions coming from the age old tradition of India – adapted and administered – combined with the best of the modern rational thought and technology. We have analyzed the problems faced by the students and have come up with the solution based on our experience of over a decade in guiding students.
We call this solution as ‘4E’ solution as enumerated below:


  • Enlightenment: Learning essential spiritual and moral values through Value Education Programs and Wisdom Literatures.

  • Example: Interaction and Mentoring by the ARJUNA Mentors will provide students a live example of the values they learnt.

  • Engagement: Learning essential spiritual and moral values through Value Education Programs and Wisdom Literatures.

  • Environment: Suitable environment at ARJUNA Homes would enable the students to live and practice the values.

To offer this solution to the student community we provide multiple services. Each of our service provides one or more of the E’s (as mentioned above) to the student community.
Our Services