Well. IIT is not all in all! IITs are not the only good colleges in India. There are many other options as well. We should have an optimistic outlook in life. We can expect for the best but we should also be prepared for the worst. If you have a narrow outlook then you will not be able to attempt the exam in a healthy state of mind. Your high expectations from yourself – not being able to accept any other kind of result will make your mind filled with anxiety. In fact this will make you under-perform than your actual ability. You should understand that you are writing a competitive exam. 1.5L students sit for IIT JEE (Adv.) we cant say that all of them should get the seat. There are only 15000 seats… Even if one cracks still one may not get the “dream branch” he/she desires in a particular IIT. We can only try our best and leave the rest to God and have faith that whatever is coming is the best for us.
If you think that you will not be able to crack then we can never crack. But if we think let me try my best and work sincerely with a positive hope then there is a chance that by God’s grace your dream can get fulfilled.