Ans: We appreciate your interest to stay at ARJUNA Homes. At AH we wish to give you the best ENVIRONMENT to facilitate your studies and your overall growth in life
While students feel single room is good for their studies so that they will not be disturbed by others and can study for long hours without having to deal with any trivial (at this point of time you have stated what is in the mind of student and thus he will be with you), however (with a smile J ), our observation has been otherwise. Single room is actually not best for young students staying away from parents.
What are the reasons lets look at them:
1. There is no one to observe and thus students tend to sleep for longer time and it leads to time waste. Some students day dream while having books open in front.
2. Sometimes students indulge in some malpractices like porn or other self-destructive habits.
3. Also students don’t learn to make relationships with others and thus may feel lonely.
4. They don’t get help from their other peers. At AH we wish that peers should help each other in their studies.
5. It is unnatural to live alone in a room for long rooms and thus students tend to become more depressed if they are unable to score.
6. And guess what! It is more costly too!
Thus we discourage you for having a single room. However, based on availability we will try to facilitate to get a single room for you.