This is a problem for 80% of the students preparing for JEE. Since the syllabus is vast, the coaching institutes somehow try to cover hurriedly and keep putting many tests one after another. This is the nature of this world. You never get the best arrangement. Some or the other defects are going to be there – if the professors are good the way the program is conducted may not be good – and if the program is good then the quality of tests etc. may not be good. So, we have to “adjust” – you can choose a good institute which you are confident of and try to get the best that institute can offer. It is always advisable to “try” to follow the program in the coaching institute – it is not that bad after all! If you start making your own one, you will mess up. You will surely not be able to perform well in the exams conducted by the institute and you will be discouraged. If you try following the structure of the program given by the institute – still you may not be able to get sufficient clarity in all the topics. No problem! The institutes normally cover the syllabus much early so that revision can be done. You can put those topics for the revision time and gain more perfection. Prepare for all the exams conducted by the institute and try to perform sincerely. You will be able to evaluate your level and your progress.