Hot sumptuous nutritious lacto vegetarian sanctified Food We give 3 meals. Breakfast is also important for you. This will help you to grow well and avoid diseases. This food is favorable for your studies – what you eat you become like that. Since food is sanctified, it gives you good desires. This is not available at any other place in KOTA! Hardly there are messes where 3 times food is there, even!
Distraction free Study Environment We have a study room where you can sit and study nicely. We don’t allow any one to keep Smart phones etc
Meditation room We teach mantra meditation and we have 30 minutes schedule of practicing it daily. This will keep you mentally alert and spiritually happy. Not available anywhere!
ARJUNA Mentors You get constant motivation from mentors. They monitor your studies and guide you and encourage you. Not available anywhere.
Character education It gives you a sense of purpose in life and can become source of infinite motivation. Not available anywhere.