Choosing a career is an important Life decision. And it should not be made in a haste. It should definitely not be made under pressure.
If you choose a career path because so many others are choosing the same or because your parents are forcing you to choose it, beware – it can become a worst decision of your life.
We, at ARJUNA, have interacted with hundreds (if not thousands) of students who are in pain due to wrong career choices.
Several students feel ‘I want to choose Engineering’ and ask them which stream, ‘Computer Science’ is their reply. Most of these students don’t know what it means to be a Computer Science Engineer, they are unaware of the skills and mindset which it requires. They opt for such a career only because of media boom or parents pressure or because someone became famous in their locality or town after choosing CS, IIT!
Little do students know that even in IITs only handful will get CS branch. And even among those students in CS branch, at least a half regret their choice. Rest others ‘select’ their branches based on luck, we mean to say, their ranks. Result: most pursuing Engineering never get to study the subjects they are really interested in. Most even say, that they would best fit in some other career field.
The same holds true for medical.
So how should you decide your career option?
Simple. Based on your inclination. Answer few imp questions.
  1. What are you good at and what are you interested in? Answer to these two questions will give you a small list.
  2. Then next ask yourselves – Can you do this for next 40 years of your life? This requires little more knowledge to gather. Knowledge about the challenges and about the opportunities. Becoming aware of opportunities and challenges will further reduce the list.
  3. Then comes the next question – Financial security. Does the option which you are choosing give you enough financial security? If yes, go ahead. If no, then you have to intelligently balance between interest and finance.
Today’s complex economic system is far from being balanced. And the leaders of society will have to work to make enough options financially viable. Till then an intelligent choice has to be made which balances financial security and the interest / inclination of the student.
The important thing is that we work for living not that we live for working. ‘Work for living’ means that work is just a part of life not the life itself. Life is a celebration of joy and happiness. Our work or career option should not spoil this celebration! What gives joy to life is not work itself but the ‘purpose’ for which we work. Relationships, selfless service and spiritual goals are far more important than the work.
Work integrated with the purpose of life is what will enhance the celebration of life. And that is what, at ARJUNA, we help you in – to define the purpose of your life.