Donate to support ARJUNA to train and nurture students in essential values for ethical and academic excellence.

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ARJUNA produces world class literature to present timeless wisdom in practical and attractive way to student community to educate them in Value Education. Value Education is mandatory for Ethical and Academic excellence. The future of our nation lies in the good hands of Youth who are trained in principle centered life.
Your donation helps us to publish and distribute our ARJUNA books to large section of student community. Each rupee that you give, be assured, it will add value to lives of students and of India.
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We organize Value Education events, counseling & career guidance seminars. We don’t charge the students. Your donations help us to continue and further our services and conduct large scale events that empower students. Transport charges, publicity material cost, cost of hand outs to be given to students, equipment cost (projector, mic system, chairs etc.) etc comes out to be Rs. 30 per student.
Half yearly Mega Parivartan Programs: 1000 students
Monthly Parivartan programs: 300 students
Weekly Parivaratn Programs: 50 students
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It is a unique contest to train students in value education to enable them to be true future leaders. Your donation helps us to register students with very low cost of only Rs.50. On registration a student gets the copy of Art of Concentration book, questionnaire etc. Your money will be used for sole reason of reaching out to students in a big way. Cost of transport, publicity, conducting awareness programs etc. are included in this.
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This helps us to effectively serve students for showing power point presentations, educational videos etc.
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The website on which you are now is not one with commercialpurpose. We are 100% non-profit group. We have developed this website with the sole purpose of reaching out to large no of students to educate them. You can donate how much ever you can
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Each school is given two copies Cost per article is 30 INR which includes printing & dispatching.
10 months, each month 200 prints = 2000 prints per yr = 60,000 INR.
Transportation cost per year = 40,000 INR.
Total Cost per year = Rs. 1,00,000
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Bulk SMS costs 10p per SMS.
1 year = 52 weeks = 5,20,000 SMS.
Annual cost = 52,000 INR,
which comes out to be 5.2 INR per student per year.
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