What is It?

ARJUNA Homes© is a venture by ARJUNA Group Trust. It is a home for students preparing for JEE/Medical entrance exams. We call it as ‘Home’ not as ‘Hostel’ because we serve the students as their guardians and well-wishers.
In the Vedic India, students would stay in their teacher’s home, and that was called as ‘Gurukul’. Arjuna, the hero of the epic Mahabharata, stayed in his Guru Dronacarya’s home or Gurukul where he was trained in ‘Excellence’ and ‘Ethics’ – both. In the same way ARJUNA Home is a place where character centered leaders are groomed. In ARJUNA Home, students stay with other faculty members who work as professionals in coaching institutes, but who also are part of ARJUNA Group. Most of these faculties are from IITs and are active ARJUNA members.
In the modern India, students go away from home to study, to make their career and take admission in the coaching institutes or engineering/medical colleges. ARJUNA Homes is a perfect place for them to stay, study and serve. ARJUNA Homes is an initiative of ARJUNA, to nurture the student community. First ARJUNA Homes (boys’ hostel) is established in Kota.

Why we started ARJUNA Homes?

ARJUNA is dedicated in the service of students. Student life is the most important part of life. In the Vedic India, education was never commercialized and every student was given personal care. Today we find a completely opposite scenario.
Most students remain dis-satisfied with the way they are given education in colleges or coaching institutes. ARJUNA, is trying to bring the balance back.
We, at ARJUNA, have a deep concern for the students and thus we started our first ARJUNA Home in Kota in the year 2015 after making the following observations:
Many brilliant students in Kota get spoiled by wrong association and get distracted from their goal year after year. The teen-age already comes with wild gust of passion and when that gets loosened we find a heart breaking reality. Today in Kota many students are found engaged in girlfriend-boyfriend business, watching movies excessively, surfing internet, watching adult content, bullying each other, etc.
A fortunate few do manage to check themselves for the time being and get into IITs/NITs but they let out their passions in those colleges. An insider’s eye will show a painful loss of cultural purity. Bad habits are rampant even in the best of institutes like IITs. Students already get wrong desires in coaching hubs like Kota and after going to IITs they try fulfilling them.
A culture of unnecessary competition is created among teenagers. They are given ‘Scarcity’ mentality: that there are very few seats and there are so many students. This mentality remains with the child throughout their lives and ruins their relationships.
Coaching’s although provide a lot of academic knowledge, they do not provide systematic guidance as to how to apply the knowledge – simply because the teacher to student’s ratio is pathetically small except in the elite top batches.
Ironically, in Kota usually parents are more concerned about the choosing the right coaching where their child spends a maximum of only 4.5 hrs a day as compared to the hostel where they spend 19.5 hrs (81% of their time). Coaching institutes don’t matter so much as all of them teach the same material and have teachers of almost equal caliber. What matters the most is the environment where students are studying. We, at ARJUNA firmly believe that the hostel where student stays matters a lot in deciding the future of the students.
Kota or Hyderabad or Delhi, situation is same everywhere. Ofcourse, the best of the teachers are only available in coaching hubs like Kota, so for most students they won’t be able to avoid coming to Kota. Thus, ARJUNA Group Trust, is opening ARJUNA Homes at such places to help secure the future of the students, and to help secure the future of Vedic India. And guess what, ARJUNA Homes can be a better place than your own home. Why? Because you learn the right values from the experts, you receive the right leadership training and you get the right association to accelerate your academic learning.

What we do?

Holistic Student Care:
Holistic care involves taking care of the four quadrants of a person’s well-being. They are termed as PQ (Physical Quotient), IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient) and SQ(Spiritual Quotient).
• PQ refers to one’s health and physical wellbeing.
• IQ is one’s ability to process and analyze information.
• EQ enables one to make good relationships with others.
• SQ is the rudder of values in one’s life. It refers to the values which one holds sacred.
The four quadrants are related with four dimensions of life. PQ with Physical health dimension, IQ with Career dimension, EQ with Relationships dimension and SQ with Spiritual dimension.
The four quadrants of well-being can be compared to four tires of a vehicle. When the tires are of different sizes, then the vehicle is misbalanced and veers away from the desired destination. But if the four tires are of the same size then the vehicle can race straight to its goal. On similar lines, a human being needs a balanced lifestyle to achieve his goal and ensure success in life. Negligence or over indulgence of any of these 4 quadrants leads to vacuum which transforms into stress, depression, anxiety or over-confidence, comparisons and consequently a miserable state of life.
This balance is precisely what is missing in today’s society and ARJUNA Homes is a small endeavor from the Group to restore this balance.

How we do it?

We provide you the best environment to study. When you are away from your home, ARJUNA Homes is the only place where you do not miss your parents. And guess what! You are given the best food (hygienic lacto vegetarian sanctified food) and you stay with your ARJUNA Mentors who guide you. We foster a family environment among students and also give them training in ethical & spiritual sciences.
We at ARJUNA HOMES balance the 4 quadrants of life:
Physical Quotient
Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. At ARJUNA Homes students go to bed early so that they can wake up early and study with good focus. The sleeping and waking up time of the students are monitored and training is given to sleep early and wake up early. We provide Sanctified Lacto-vegetarian food cooked in hygienic & loving environment.
Intelligence Quotient
Experience shows that students study better when there is proper guidance. We provide regulated study slot systems, daily targets, Weekly goals and Monthly plans so that students are never in dilemma. We have a Library that houses good and important books for reference, it saves student’s time and money in gathering high quality resources. We provide Weekly Concept Classes by faculties where critical concepts are lucidly explained.
Emotional Quotient
Fulfilling and satisfying relationships are necessary for success at every stage. Here we encourage the students to form a very trusting relationship with their Mentors so that they express their joys and sorrows, successes and struggles openly and confidently. We want to give the students love, support and encouragement amidst the upheavals of life. A Loving and Caring Environment is what we strive for.
Spiritual Quotient
Just providing PQ, IQ and EQ are not sufficient if the heart is devoid of enriching values. ARJUNA Homes is a shrine to gain wisdom that nurtures a person for his life. We have character-centered Leadership training & Value-Education classes coupled with Meditation classes (as recommended by collector of Kota) along with Leadership seminars every week. This keeps the students connected to the Wisdom of Vedic India and see their life in proper perspective

What Residents say

“Our Society, especially the student community, faces numerous distractions. To build a strong nation we want the young generation to have overall development and bright future. This book, “Art of Concentration in the Age of Distractions” published by ARJUNA Group Trust, comes exactly to this aid. I request all teachers, school heads and leaders to encourage students to read this book.”

PARAS CHANDRA JAIN • MINISTER, School Education, Madhya Pradesh Government

“Very Motivational! The book provides answers to the moral dilemmas that a student faces in a simple and inspiring way. A must read to avoid distraction in the current era of social networking!”

Chitraang Murdia, AIR – 1, IIT JEE 2014

” Distractions are great theives that steal away the time from students. This is known. But never before such a detailed scientific analysis of distractions done. And it is presented in very humorous and interesting way. This is book is not only for students but also for teachers, parents for all”

Prof. P. V. Arunachalam, Professor, Author, Educationalist

“Through carefully compiled anecdotes and potentially beneficial tips this book can alleviate the plight of students.  I recommend it to all those having concentration troubles”

Pattisapu Srividya, AIR – 1, AIIMS 2014

Facilities at ARJUNA Homes

How ARJUNA Homes are unique?

Common things you find in our hostel and in other hostels:

  • Spacious Rooms

  • Attached Lat-Bath

  • A/C Non-A/C-Cooler single/double rooms

  • Mess facility

  • Laundry facility

  • Geyser facility

  • 4-hrs power back-up inverter

  • Milk facility

  • Delicious nutritious meals – with ghee on capatis

  • Cool drinking water facility

Things which you find only in our hostel but not in other hostels:

  • Spiritual Mentoring
  • Study slot system with monitoring
  • Life balancing card to ensure a balanced life
  • Study Library
  • Weekly Concept Classes by faculties
  • Daily targets, Weekly goals and monthly plans are defined for students by the mentors
  • IITians’ guidance in studies
  • Character centered leadership training & Value education classes
  • Sanctified Lacto-vegetarian food cooked in hygienic environment – breakfast available in morning also
  • Meditation classes (as recommended by collector)
  • Loving and caring environment
  • Motivational seminars every week
  • Selection criterion for hostel
  • Online classes by IIT students
  • Monthly retreats
  • Sponsorship on the basis Means cum Merit


Hot sumptuous nutritious lacto vegetarian sanctified Food We give 3 meals. Breakfast is also important for you. This will help you to grow well and avoid diseases. This food is favorable for your studies – what you eat you become like that. Since food is sanctified, it gives you good desires. This is not available at any other place in KOTA! Hardly there are messes where 3 times food is there, even!
Distraction free Study Environment We have a study room where you can sit and study nicely. We don’t allow any one to keep Smart phones etc
Meditation room We teach mantra meditation and we have 30 minutes schedule of practicing it daily. This will keep you mentally alert and spiritually happy. Not available anywhere!
ARJUNA Mentors You get constant motivation from mentors. They monitor your studies and guide you and encourage you. Not available anywhere.
Character education It gives you a sense of purpose in life and can become source of infinite motivation. Not available anywhere.
Ans: We appreciate your interest to stay at ARJUNA Homes. At AH we wish to give you the best ENVIRONMENT to facilitate your studies and your overall growth in life
While students feel single room is good for their studies so that they will not be disturbed by others and can study for long hours without having to deal with any trivial (at this point of time you have stated what is in the mind of student and thus he will be with you), however (with a smile J ), our observation has been otherwise. Single room is actually not best for young students staying away from parents.
What are the reasons lets look at them:
1. There is no one to observe and thus students tend to sleep for longer time and it leads to time waste. Some students day dream while having books open in front.
2. Sometimes students indulge in some malpractices like porn or other self-destructive habits.
3. Also students don’t learn to make relationships with others and thus may feel lonely.
4. They don’t get help from their other peers. At AH we wish that peers should help each other in their studies.
5. It is unnatural to live alone in a room for long rooms and thus students tend to become more depressed if they are unable to score.
6. And guess what! It is more costly too!
Thus we discourage you for having a single room. However, based on availability we will try to facilitate to get a single room for you.
Ans: We wish to provide ARJUNA Home facility at as less price as possible. We are an NGO and we surely don’t make exorbitant profits from the students. Yet the facility which we offer (hot food 3 times, good wonderful environment, ARJUNA Mentors to monitor progress, Value education, Meditation hall, healthy relationships, etc) comes at a very reasonable cost. Moreover, we provide sponsorships (up to 2500/- per month) for students Means cum Merit basis.
Ans: Mentor is a selfless person who wishes all well for you. Mentor is your friend and guide. You should trust him and wish to learn from him and actually serve him. He helps you manage your schedules. He would teach you some valuable life lessons from scriptures. He would monitor your studies. He will also give you some tips to study better.
Ans: You have your good teachers in the institute and they also have doubt solving sessions. So we would encourage to ask doubts from them. Mentor does a more important role – he inspires you to study well, he guides, monitors and oversees your progress. If you develop thick relationship with him you will feel great warmth and also a purpose in life. But if your Mentor is available then he may help on a few occasions to explain some concepts. Questions you have to solve yourself. And believe me if you have proper purpose and inspiration for studies, you can do it on your own. Just like your mother or father may not be able to help you solve your questions, don’t expect the mentor to do so
Ans: As you see we wish to give best environment to students. We have observed that if parents come and stay during that time other students can get disturbed. We will help your parents to get a lodge or hotel nearby. And they can come and take 1 or 2 meals on paid basis if we get information 24 hours before.
Ans: Unlike other hostels, at ARJUNA Homes we would like to guide and train those students who are serious about making a bright career for themselves and thereby serving God and society. Therefore we have a systematic procedure of written tests and personal interview.
ARJUNA Homes is not just a place to stay but to grow. We invest our time and energy in training the students and we expect them to follow a certain minimum standard of regulation which is for their own welfare, failing which we will be forced to take appropriate action as we have done in the past

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