Art of Concentration in the Age of Distractions

Name a single most important virtue for a student – CONCENTRATION. Specially in todays age of mass distraction this book tells a student all what he/she needs to know to develop the “Art of Concentration”. Authored by Mr. Amal M. Das, an IITian himself, this book is referred to as the Students’ ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CONCENTRATION for achieving success in exams, life and everything.
The book has received bounty of appreciations from top rankers, well known professionals and concerned parents. You can’t afford to miss it!
By reading this book a student will
  • learn to effectively identify all types and causes of distractions
  • know how to overcome all practical distractions of 21st century
  • learn to make wise & conscious choices
  • be inspired by highly motivational real life stories
  • learn to develop real Self-Confidence
  • learn valuable lessons from entertaining plus educating stories
  • learn practical meditation techniques to boost one’s concentration
  • lay a strong foundation to one’s own value system
  • & many more

About the Author

Mr. Amal M Das, B.Tech (Hons.) from IIT Kharagpur, worked with Infosys and Adobe for few years. He is very enlivening and powerful motivational speaker and has touched the lives of thousands of students in various colleges and coaching institutes all across India including IITs & NITs. He is the inspiration behind ARJUNA Group. Now, he has completely dedicated himself to helping the student community and presently serves as a travelling mentor, counselor, motivational speaker and author.
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New Arrivals

Now our book “Art of Concentration in the Age of Distractions” is available in Hindi and Telugu languages also.

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Toppers’ Testimonials

“Very Motivational! The book provides answers to the moral dilemmas that a student faces in a simple and inspiring way. A must read to avoid distraction in the current era of social networking!”
Chitraang Murdia, AIR – 1, IIT JEE 2014
“Through carefully compiled anecdotes and potentially beneficial tips this book can alleviate the plight of students.  I recommend it to all those having concentration troubles”
Pattisapu Srividya, AIR – 1, AIIMS 2014

Leaders’ Testimonials

“Our Society, especially the student community, faces numerous distractions. To build a strong nation we want the young generation to have overall development and bright future. This book, “Art of Concentration in the Age of Distractions” published by ARJUNA Group Trust, comes exactly to this aid. I request all teachers, school heads and leaders to encourage students to read this book.”
PARAS CHANDRA JAIN • MINISTER, School Education, Madhya Pradesh Government
All in all “Art of Concentration authored by Mr Amal M Das is a useful handy volume to all those who aim to raise their levels of concentration in their attempts to be among the very best of those they would be competing with
V.R.S Cowlagi IAS (Retd.)

Educationalists’ Testimonials

This book which has been devised especially for students to kindle them to realise what they lack in their work towards their goals and motivates them to find a way to their bright future.
Dr. K. Balasubramanian The Dean, Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute, Chennai
” Distractions are great theives that steal away the time from students. This is known. But never before such a detailed scientific analysis of distractions done. And it is presented in very humorous and interesting way. This is book is not only for students but also for teachers, parents for all”
Prof. P. V. Arunachalam, Professor, Author, Educationalist

Upcoming Publications

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Time is the most valuable resource for a student. And yet rarely do we find any book which can teach the students about the utilization of this precious asset. “Time Management – for students who value their time” is the first of its kind to fill in the gap. This book discusses in detail about the principles of efficiency and effectiveness, both. Planning, Goal setting, Prioritization, avoiding Procrastination, Motivation and the Sutras for effectiveness are some of the jewels which you will find inside this storehouse of gems of wisdom. If you want to save time and make your life wholesomely successful, then get a copy for you today!
Introductory copy available only in Kota


“Stress” – is the buzzword today. WHO says that it’s the no. 1 disease which effects our modern society. Indeed it’s true that in the 21st century student life is very stressful. Competition, peer pressure, personal ambitions, relationship issues – it’s all too much to handle for a teenager. This book brings to you the time tested method of gaining mind control and self confidence – through Meditation. Unleash your true potential, find a new yourself surcharged with enthusiasm and conviction by learning the secrets of Meditation.

Our Philosophy

We believe that youth is the most important part of one’s life. That is why youth is dedicated to learn. In this phase of life one is a student, so that later one can reap the fruits of his learning. Engine is not just ‘a’ part, rather the most important part of the vehicle. Student life, similarly, is not just a phase of life, but the most important one. Young minds can absorb wrong ideas, can form a wrong outlook to life, and can develop wrong habits. Indeed they can be distracted the most.
Youth – You can have the best of it or you can get the worst of it.
A nation is only as great as the youths of the country. The only people who can lead to large scale productivity and development of a nation are its youngsters. ARJUNA is dedicated to serving youths. ARJUNA is dedicated to the nation – India.
We believe that India of the past was a world leader (that’s why India attracted all the foreign invaders) and we believe that India of the future can truly lead the world. Leading is not a selfish act of control but a selfless service to empower.
To lead one needs Excellence and one needs Ethics. Having only one of the two – and you are a million miles from being a Servant Leader.
Thus ARJUNA’s motto is “Culture of Excellence & Ethics with the Spirit of Selfless Service”.

  • We believe in the India of the past – the Vedic India – and that the Vedic India was a living example of this ‘Culture of Excellence & Ethics.’ And our efforts are only to bring that back.

  • We believe that the Vedic India was glorious because it was populated by citizens who followed the Vedic teachings.

  • We believe that Vedic teachings are universal, they are surely far from being sectarian. Vedic India celebrated ‘Unity in Diversity’ and was never intolerant towards the men of different caste, creed, sex, religion or nationality.

  • We believe that today’s India is largely stifled due to loss of its glorious Vedic culture. Indeed India is probably the only country where most Indians – are not even aware of its historical Vedic past, not educated in Vedic teachings and are far from being proud of Vedic India’s monumental achievements.

ARJUNA is an attempt to show the universal application of India’s Vedic philosophy especially for the benefit of the Young Indians.
ARJUNA prepares and publishes world class literature specific to student community. They present student specific wisdom from ancient time tested wisdom literature in a practical and interesting way. Art of Concentration in the Age of Distraction is our first publication.