Here are few ways in which you SHOULD NOT be studying:

  • Glancing at a problem’s solution and thinking you know how to do it.

    You need to  be able to solve a problem step-by-step, without looking at the solution.

  • Repeatedly solving problems of the same type that you already know how to solve

    This wastes your precious time which you could have used to learn more!

  • Waiting until the last minute to study.

    Everyone knows how stressful it is to cram at the last minute.

  • Turning your study sessions into chat sessions with friends

    Be wise not to do so.

  • Thinking you can learn while you are being constantly distracted

    Many students watch TV, play videogames, listen to music while studying.  Every tiny pull away from study (toward an instant message or conversation) means you have less brain power to devote to learning.

  • Irregular sleeping habits

    One of the most dangerous things to do before bed is to watch screens (TV, computer,
    mobile phones, tablets) which is detrimental to the quality of sleep.

  • Not clearing up points of confusion by checking with your teachers.

  • Passive rereading. Discussed in last month’s article

  • Peer pressure and comparing with others

Have your classmates not started revising yet?  Do they learn everything in just ten minutes?  Is their homework always neater and more organized than yours?  Are they  busy having fun and you want some of that too? We are all different and what works for someone may not work for you. Instead of comparing with others and complaining, focus on what benefits you.