Every child is an angel inherently but due to some acquired traits and habits one is seen as a devil or an angel. In the last article, we discussed “Rules of bad studying”. In this article, let us learn about the habits of the ‘Angel Child’ whom everyone admires.

Devil Child

Angel Child

Bullies friends/siblings and makes fun of them Treats friends/siblings with respect
Addicted to video games (and in turn neglects other areas of his/her life) Devotes gaming time to physical activities like swimming, kabaddi, yoga
Throws shoes/school bag anywhere he/she likes at home and gives extra work to mother Keeps things well and organized at home and school. Keeps clothes neat and clean
Nasty comments on friends and teachers Compliments friends, respects teachers, well behaved with elderly
Want to buy something?? Scream, cry , yell at parents Politely ask parents, respect their decision
Keeps his/her viewpoints as standard and does not listen to/appreciates others’ viewpoints Respects others viewpoints, consults well-wishers, teachers, elders before taking decisions
Studying comes last or never in his/her priorities Studying is in the top priorities (that’s why you are at school)
Does not worry about continuous learning and improving oneself Always eager to learn and balances the four dimensions of life – physical, mental/intellectual, emotional/social and spiritual.
Whenever there is a dispute, always thinks about his own benefits Thinks win – win. Sees that both parties are benefited. (great leadership quality)
Associates with devils Associates with angels
Angel children evolve as natural leaders and become great contributors to their family, nation and to themselves. The last point (importance of association) is something which makes practicing all the above points easier. Let us tell you a story…
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So, every child is divine. Association one keeps plays a major role in how one transforms. Keep a watch on your association!