“Ah! I know it because I read it”, quite often students confuse reading as learning. Sadly, it is not.
Do you feel that you give a lot of your time for reading but you don’t remember it during exams? ARJUNA can help! Keep reading…
Trying to recall the material is more effective than simply re-reading the material. Students generally look at the book instead of recalling the material. This is why, for most students, spending a lot of time studying the material (by rereading several times) does not help. It only wastes time.

What to do?

1.Whenever you want to read the material again, close the book and try to recall the material FIRST and then read the material to check whether you have got the things right. Make it a habit.
2.Practice self-testing once in a while by recalling the material.



Active Passive
Reveals holes in your understanding of material Provides illusion that you know the material
You remember the material for long time You forget things in short time
You exactly understand what you don’t know and you have an opportunity to strengthen them You tend to skip things which you don’t know


You remember only that which you RECALL not that which you RE-READ.